Individual Compositions (25%): Compose one publishable, researched short argument (500 words) and one long argument (3000 words) for our digital environment. One must use exclusively text, and the other must be multimodal (augmented with pictures, video, or audio). The first composition must be submitted before the semester midpoint. Both compositions must be submitted in stages and peer reviewed to receive credit.

Rhetorical Analysis Collaboration (25%): Work on a team to compose a rhetorical analysis of a long form academic or journalistic argument. The article must be related to the text suggested by discussion teams.

Process (25%): Minor assignments including reading assessments, discussion forum participation, Twitter activity, short group evaluations, helping to lead one day of discussion in class, and publication duties.

Mid-Term  and Final Evaluation (25%): Honestly evaluate your work in the course during the second week of February and at the end of the course. Will consist of answer several reflections questions provided by me.