Classroom policies

Your participation in class is essential. You may miss three days of class without penalty. After three absences, I will penalize the final grade by half of a letter grade each for the fourth and fifth absence. Missing six or more classes will result in a failing grade in the course. You are responsible for material covered in class, whether you are absent or not.

Late Work
If you anticipate being late with an assignment, confer with me one class period before the due date of the assignment so that we can work out a late submission date. Otherwise, I will not accept late work without proof of a medical or legal emergency. I will not give make-up quizzes.

Please do not enter class more than 10 minutes after we have started. If you arrive later and need to see me, come back when class is over. If you show up late for class and a quiz has started, please do not ask for questions to be repeated.

Computer Backups
Always keep computer files representing any assignment that you submit. Should a question arise about whether something has been submitted or not, it can be easily clarified by a prompt resubmission.

You have several ways to contact me electronically: through Canvas, by email, or by Twitter (see “About” page).  As a class, we will explore the advantages and limitations of each format. However, if you want to have an interactive conversation or have a complicated question, a face-to-face meeting during office hours is the best choice.